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your empty legs

Simple and Quick. In real time.

Generate extra revenue and maximize your fleet utilisation. Sell empty flights that would otherwise go unnoticed. JetYou connects you to hundreds of passengers that use our free app.

Your empty legs are easily accessible and up-to-date on-line. Get rid of all the rigid and annoying empty leg availability emails.

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Reach clients
in four easy steps

  1. Register your airline into JetYou
  2. Enter details of your flight into the airlines portal
  3. The flight is displayed to passengers in the mobile application immediately
  4. A passenger makes a booking through the mobile application and you are notified about the inquiry

Once the airline and the passenger have been connected, any further communication, agreements and actions are subject to general terms and conditions of the respective airline unless otherwise agreed between the airline and the user.

JetYou is integrated with Aeriel logoAeriel, a brand-new business aviation management and scheduling software. With Aeriel, you can publish a new empty leg in JetYou in a matter of seconds.

JetYou is also able to import empty legs from Leon logoLeon and Leon logoFL3XX.

Get your
30 day free trial

Airliners monthly fee of EUR 1.000 (VAT excluded) or discounted annual subscription of EUR 11.000. No other fees, hidden costs or provisions.

JetYou is owned and has been developed by the R.A.F. Station Czechoslovakia to support their museum of flyable vintage aircraft.

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and start a free trial

The registration is open to owners of AOC. If you do not hold an AOC, please contact us on After the registration is completed, your application will be reviewed and approved by the administrator.

1. Airline Details
If your airline does not hold an AOC, please contact us on
Please attach a scanned copy of your AOC for verification. The document will be stored securely and privately and will not be used for any other purposes.
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3. Terms & Conditions